[TSAR] The Tsar Pool

A noble and reliable stake pool
Delegate to [TSAR], improve decentralization


Pool ID: c8ee084a463b89a6e7fe9f2e35506dd98d09047ea6d29866375e363d

We are here to promote decentralization and single pools

The [TSAR] pool is a Cardano node that focuses on technical reliability, adpative security and independence. Our main goal is to take part in the decentralization process of the Cardano staking ecosystem by helping single pool operators to build and grow their Cardano node.

Our dedicated fund to help other single pools to mint their first block currently contains ₳6 000 and will be receiving 10% of our margin fees

Our nodes are running on cloud-hosted, scalable virtual machines each equipped with 6vCPU cores and 16Gb of RAM. These nodes' configuration have been hardened and our servers are fully secured using state-of-the-art techniques and tools.

We are two passionate IT professionals with more than 10 years experience in programming, Sysadmin and DevOps. We are committed to operate this pool long term. Please consider joining us.
Our roadmap:

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6 vCPU Cores
32 TB Traffic
Firewall protected
SSD powered
Realtime alerts
>99% Uptime
DDos protected
24/7 Monitoring
VPN network


[2021-10-05] - [TSAR] is now a proud member of the xSPO Alliance

[2021-09-29] - [TSAR] is now a proud member of the F2LB Community

[2021-09-29] - [TSAR] is now using version 1.30.1

[2021-09-27] - We are on Cardano Mainnet!